Open Monday-Friday, 6am-2pm
Afternoon hours occasionally change so please phone to be sure Perry is in the shop.

Phone & Email
(212) 302-5443

71 West 47th St
Suite 704
New York, NY 10036
Located between 5th and 6th Avenues close to Rockefeller Center

Restoration, Overhauls, Repair and Service of all Woodwind Instruments
Sax Repair, Flute Repair, Clarinet Repair, Mouthpiece Restoration and Appraisals

Most Repairs Completed within 24 Hours

Credentials and Guarantees

  • Trained by Selmer, Buffet, Haynes, Powell, Fox & Loreé, Perry Ritter has been doing complete restoration and repair of woodwind instruments for over thirty years.
  • Restoring to Original or Better Condition:
    Mouthpieces, Necks, Keys, Rods, Pins, Screws, Pearls. Professional cleaning that enhances and does not harm the original gold, silver, or lacquer. We provide top quality pads, corks and springs.
  • All instruments are sensitively and respectfully handled. Overhauls warranteed for one year.
  • Buy now: Selmer Saxophones (French & American), Buffet clarinets, Haynes flutes, Powell flutes, Fox bassoons, Loreé oboes and other brands.

"For 35 years, since graduating from the Eastern School of Musical Instrument Repair, I have repaired and serviced every type of woodwind instrument. I listen, watch you play and help you pinpoint problems, whether on the instrument or with your technique." - Perry Ritter

What they are saying...

"Perry Ritter is an imaginative repair person who thinks outside the box to come up with solutions to problems others are flummoxed by. He is an expert in metal work, and the only person I would go to to fit a head joint."
- Helen Campo
Flute, piccolo and alto flute
Wicked on Broadway, New York Philharmonic, New York City Ballet, New York City Opera, American Symphony Orchestra

"Perry has kept my instruments in top shape for many years. If you want yours gig ready, he's the man.”
- Jimmy Heath

“I've been having all my horns worked on by Perry Ritter for at least 15 years now, and I recommend him very strongly to any woodwind player looking to have their instrument play in top form. He's a great guy and he's hooked me up countless times, no matter how big or small the problem was. Check him out!”
- Chris Potter

“I have been having my repair work done by my friend, Perry Ritter, for over 30 years now. I think that indicates customer satisfaction rather emphatically. But it doesn't tell all the times that Perry has come to my rescue with last minute repairs, in between dates or before a gig. My tenor just took a six foot fall out of the back of a van in Spain. Perry had to overhaul it, and it feels so good I wish it had happened sooner! Perry, you the man.”
- Lou Marini Jr.

"Perry Ritter has been my only saxophone repairman for a very long time"
- Lenny Pickett

“Perry Ritter has been my trusted repairman since 1987, as he is a true craftsman, and always fair and honest. Besides consistently delivering the highest quality repairs, I have purchased many of my horns from his shop. And, being located in New York City, his shop is renowned for meeting other legendary and not so legendary saxophonists on any given visit. If only his walls had ears! Perry is the best!”
- Dave Schroeder
Saxophone, flute and clarinet
NYU Jazz Studies, Director Combo Nuvo, Artistic Director

“Perry Ritter is to me the Antonio Stradivari of saxophones . . . Stradivari, the seventeenth century Italian craftsman of stringed instruments such as violins, cellos, etc. was generally considered the most significant artisan in this field. In that same vein, Perry Ritter is the significant woodwind artisan of our time.”
- Lisa Broderick
Executive Producer, Jazz Legacy Productions

“Dear Perry, Enough time has passed now for me to give you an update on the re-pad job you did on my Selmer alto. I was told to only allow the very best technician install them since they don’t install like other pads. You did a first-rate job. As a result I am now playing on a truly superb instrument. The sound is vastly improved, to my taste. It is slightly brighter and bigger. The whole sax is more responsive. Many thanks again for all your fine work. Most sincerely,”
- Art Sine
Selmer Reference 54, Kookabura limited edition

“Hi Perry! You fixed my alto and contra bass clarinet last week. I am back home now and I am writing you to tell you how amazing it was for me to play my old alto. The sound is better and the horn feels better! I don´t know what you did with it, but I am very, very happy with the result. So next time I go to NY, I will contact you in advance and will ask for a total overhaul. This was great! Thanks a lot.”
- Frode Gjerstad
Stavanger, Norway